Wonbo Kid Smart Watch Q60 Owner's Manual
Part 1: Quick Start Guide
  • 1. Check all the accessories if they are complete.
  • 2. Choose the Micro-SIM card which match to the GSM network. Power off before you insert the Micro-SIM card. (SIM card slot at side)
  • 3. The Micro-SIM card needs to have GPRS function and call screening function.
  • 4. Install the App on the phone.
  • 5. The bar code and QR code is used to registered users.
  • 6. Use the USB charging cable to insert the USB interface on the left side of GPS watch, and connect the other end of the charging cable to a computer or the charger.
Part 2: Descriptions of Smartwatch
To call the phone using watch
  • Slide the screen to find the surface of phonebook (Or short press key 1), click enter into it, it shows the numbers you saved before in APP. Choose the phone number to call out.
  • Long press Key 1 for few seconds to call the first number registered in the watch.
  • Long press Key 3 for few seconds to call 3 SOS numbers one by one, if the first one or the next one didn’t answer and will not end until the second round.
  • Short press key 2 to cancel the call.
Part 3: Packing List
Check all the accessories if they are complete.
Item No. Accessories Quantity
1 Wonbo Kid Smart Watch Q60 1
2 User Manual 1
3 Charging Cable 1
Part 4: Product Features
The Q60 smart watch was designed from the ground up with one concept in mind: simple communication between children and their guardians. It functions as a mobile phone allowing children to call the preconfigured set of numbers. More than just a watch, it's the Q60 smart watch telephone.
  1. GPS +LBS (Base station positioning) dual mode position tracking
  2. SOS function, two way communication
  3. GEO fence
  4. Anti-drop alarm
  5. Low-battery alarm
  6. Real time tracking
  7. Tamper alarm
  8. Calling and Intercom
  9. Touch screen
If the watchband is unbuckled after the watch has been on wrist for more than three minutes, the APP client will receive a warning message showing that the watch is taken off. You can disable this function when the product is put aside.
Part 5: Setting Up the Watch
Step 1: Power off before you insert the Micro-SIM card.
Step 2: Insert the proper Micro Sim card, which supports 2G Network, offers you a Voice call and may show callers ID. Open the rubber cover, then put the card into the slot, chip facing up.
Step 3: Detection Signal.
Choose a correct SIM Card for Q60 Kid’s Watch:
SIM must be 2G GSM SIM card which can support GSM, GPRS and caller ID functions. For best result of watch GPS use a sim card with smaller amount of data, recommended 30MB or higher per month. (Please note that GPS should still work without the data and will depend on the strength of GPS and LBS signal within your area)
For your comfort use we can suggest a Speedtalk sim by T-mobile with a $9 plan: https://www.amazon.com/dp/B075QNH2HP
The watch is NOT compatible with any CDMA networks (such as Sprint and Verizon), and it is NOT compatible with AT&T.
Kids Watch:
Micro SIM card of T-Mobile (AT&T, Verizon or Sprint not supported).
Parents Smartphone:
No limited for SIM card, just download App to register and track well.
Part 6: Setting Up the App in your Smart Phone
Download SeTracker 2 from App Store (iOS users) or Google Play (Android user)

You can also scan the below QR code to download the SeTracker2 app.

1. Start the APP client, please register the tracker.

2. Home Screen

3. Bottom Menu

4. Personal Setting

5. App and Watch Fun Activity

6. Watch Settings

7. Location Tracking
  • Turn on the watch and make sure that it has signal. Its good when you have 4 bars signal. If less, please take the watch with you outside to the public area with a strong mobile network to set up.
  • Open the map on APP and click the location then it will shows your child’s real-time position.
Notes: If the watch is indoors, it usually position yourself via LBS, and the deviation is inevitable, which depends on the distance between the watch and Base Station and the environment as well. If you’re outside, it switch to GPS automatically, the range of deviation will also narrowed, but will still become unstable while the watch moved, which is normal.

Part 7: Faqs and Troubleshooting Instruction
1. How is the watch positioning work?
There are 2 ways to locate your kids, please read below.
  • A. GPS mode(outdoor), Get the position by satellite, it is the most accurate method.
  • B. LBS-Base station mode. Get the position by the signal transmitter, and it is a general location might be inaccurate.
LBS positioning may not work most of the time so better turn this off for calibrating the watch location. To turn off click setting, then select LBS mode as shown below.

2. Can my husband/wife also track our child from his/her phone?
Yes, sure. You can use a same application account (login and password).
3. SE Tracker Scan OR Code not working
Use the ID at the back of the watch and type it manually.
4. 2G Network has no Signal
A. For your comfort use we can suggest a Speedtalk sim by T-mobile with a $9 plan: https://www.amazon.com/dp/B075QNH2HP
During the first 24 hours from the activation the signal may be not steady. The sim card needs to support a 2G Network and offer you Voice call and data. Try to check if there is a mobile signal in some other public areas of your city. If yes, you can set up.
If you are using Speedtalk GSM, please check, is there a mobile coverage in you city by following link: https://www.speedtalkmobile.com/coverageMap
B. User can send the text message with pw,123456, ts# from phone text messaging (testing watch network) to sim number inside the watch.
C. You should see similar reply from the watch, see text reply from the watch below, make sure that the watch sim card has enough load to reply.
ver: G19C_BASE_V1.0_2014.05.19_09.38.29;
ID: 7893267577;
imei: 000078932675770;
ip :;
port: 8711;
center: 1252013640927062;
slave: 13530024214;
sos1: 664214;
sos2: 666134;
sos3: ;
upload: 300S;
workmode: 2;
bat level: 3;
language: 1;
zone: 8.00;
5. It prompts that the number you dialed is busy now when dialing the watch with your mobile phone.
The SIM card has not activated the caller identification function yet, so that the watch is unable to identify any number. Please activate this function first.
6. If Sending or Sending Failed is always displayed after commands are set on the APP client, the reason may be one of the following:
  • A. There is no signal or weak signal of a GPRS network at the place of the watch, so that GPRS data cannot be transmitted;
  • B. The GPRS access function has not activated for the SIM card in the watch. It is recommended that you subscribe to a 30M monthly GPRS traffic package.
  • C. The line is engaged. GPRS data transmission will be automatically stopped during a GSM-enabled call.
7. I can not add the numbers to the phonebook. It says that the device is offline.
Please check, when you login into the application, if you selected your location properly, like North America. It’s a common reason for device being offline.
If you missed this step when registering, please delete your device from the application by Selecting Me-Device list-Edit-Delete. And register it again by scanning REG CODE under different email with correct location.
Also some SIM cards require activation in the cell phone. So please insert it into the cell phone, activate it, and pay the balance. And when you will be able to make and accept calls, please insert it into the watch. Make sure, that the signal is good (4 bars), otherwise set up the watch in open public area with a strong mobile coverage.
8. The off button is not working, what to do?
  • A. The off button will not work anymore when the watch is connected already to SETracker. This is for security reason that no one could turn off the watch at any time (Most importantly during emergency cases).
  • B. If you need to turn off the watch, SETracker has option to power off the watch. Simply go to settings then click shutdown the device as shown below.

9. Why the error range of GSM base station locating up to hundreds of meters?
The watch is in base station positioning state. The positioning precision depends on the density of base stations around the watch. The actual precision of base station positioning is 50 to 1000 meters.
10. I tried all of the above and still can not send commands to the watch. The APP client showed that the watch is off-line all the time.
  • A. Make sure that the watch has enough signal, mobile data is optional but this will help the watch for better connectivity.
  • B. The APN (Access Point Name) of your SIM card provider need to be configured. Send a text message below using your own phone messaging to the SIM number inside the watch.
Instead of setting the APN through the application, you can also send a direct text message to the SIM inside the watch.
For example, if you are using T-mobile for the watch, it will be:
Please note, when you do this, have the SIM installed into the watch and keep it on. You will get a response message to your cell phone within 20 min, it means, that APN set up was successful.
So the code is pw,123456,apn,apn name,,,mccmnc#
Put into it your APN name, MCC and MNC. This is the mobile provider settings.
11. What is the watch's working time? Stand-by time? Charging time?
The watch's working time is about 1 - 2 days, stand-by time is about 2 - 3 days while charging time is about 1 hour.
12. I would like to use in the other country.
Sure, but first you need to find a proper micro sim card in your country, which supports 2G Network, offers you Voice call and Data. Then you need to activate this card in the cell phone, pay the balance. See, if you are able to make calls already. If yes, put the sim into the watch.
Now you need to change the IP address of the watch by sending an sms command to the SIM inside the watch. See as below:

The product is specifically designed for children, elders and other groups needing custody. Do not use the product for illegal purposes, such as tracking and tapping other persons' privacy. All consequences arising from such illegal actions should be borne by the user! We will not be responsible for any loss incurred there from.